California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Pre-Offer Personality Test Information

This site was developed in conjunction with the POST Pre-Offer Personality Testing in the Selection of Entry-Level California Peace Officers: Resource Guide (.pdf) and is designed to provide test-specific information to those agencies that may wish to consider such testing. All test information available from the site was provided by the publishers of the tests.

To be included in the database, a test publisher attested that their test is suitable for use prior to a conditional job offer, is supported by empirical evidence of job relatedness, and measures the types of personality attributes that are found to be important for law enforcement performance as described in the Resource Guide. The Pre-offer Personality Testing in the Selection of Entry-Level California Peace Officers: Technical Report (.pdf) provides a review of research on the validity of personality tests for entry-level selection, a description of a statewide analysis of peace officer competencies, and a legal and cost-benefit analysis of the impact of adding a pre-offer personality test to the peace officer hiring process.


In providing this site for agencies in the POST program, no attempt was made by POST to independently verify or evaluate any of the information provided by the test publishers. Further, agencies are advised that the tests included in the site are neither approved nor recommended by POST, and further, that the site is not purported to be exhaustive with respect to tests that may be appropriate for pre-offer personality testing.

For each test listed below, click on the test name to view the information provided by the test publisher (including contact information for the publisher).

Test Website Information Current As Of: Attestation Publisher
16PF Protective Services Report 04/05/2011 09:49 View Attestation IPAT
California Psychological Inventory, Police and Public Safety Selection Report http://None 11/28/2010 22:52 View Attestation CPP
Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI) 12/08/2010 11:17 View Attestation BayState
HBI-R 09/14/2010 10:58 View Attestation IPAT
Hogan Development Survey 11/23/2010 06:52 View Attestation Hogan
Hogan Personality Inventory 06/28/2010 12:07 View Attestation Hogan
MPULSE Inventory 06/03/2011 11:28 View Attestation Multi-Health Systems Inc
Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) 07/22/2010 08:02 View Attestation SHL
Personality 101 06/09/2010 10:00 View Attestation POST Test Agency
Work Personality Index 07/27/2010 10:06 View Attestation Psychometrics Canada